How To Add Sub Account To Your Store

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Sub account is a pretty convenient feature for you to give access to colleagues, employees, etc. to access and manage your store.

To create a sub account, the account must first be created on the system. You just tell your employees, colleagues, etc. to use the email you want to authorize and then log in to the system to create an account on Merchize.

After that, you use the main nick to log in to the store.

Go to Settings > Accounts to start adding accounts to your store.

Next, the screen will display as follows. You click on the Add Account button on the right hand side:

At this step, you enter the email you want to add, and select the role. Here there are 2 roles: Manager and Editor. Depending on the task and role of the person you want to add, you can choose Manager or Editor accordingly.

  • Manager is the store manager, can view and edit all parameters on the store.
  • Editor is the employee’s account, can access to create products, view orders, etc. but will be limited to display some parts. For example: Can’t see statistics, can’t see order history, billing, can’t setup payment and some items in settings.


  1. The email you use to create the store will always by default have the highest permissions on the store – Admin, managers can be added, edited, editors, etc., and managers will not be able to remove you from the store.
  2. After you add an account, an error message as follows means that you have not used the other email to log in to the system. Therefore, the account does not yet exist on the system to decentralize. You just need to use that email to log in to and set the permissions again.

Also, when logging into the system, the top right will show your role and your email on the store.

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