How To Set Up Facebook Conversion Api

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Conversion API (stands for Conversion Application Programming Interface) will directly record website user information on an active internet server, not by browser like Pixel. Collected data will be transferred directly to the server of Facebook.

In fact, this tracking tool has actually existed for a long time but it has only few businesses actually use because of the complexity of the installation. Thus, to solve the performance problem in advertising when Apple published the new policy on sharing personal data, this feature of Facebook came into play once again.

Now Merchize will guide you how to set up CAPI step by step:

1. Prepare Facebook Business Account.

Step 1: Log in with the account that you want to create a business account.

Step 2: When you have a business account. Access to 

  • Choose a created business account to view Facebook Pixel list. After choosing, Facebook will list the connected Data Sources. If it is the new connection, it won’t have  any Data Source.

Step 3: Create Facebook Pixel Conversion

  • Choose Connect Data Source on the screen, choose Type Data Source is Web. After that press Continue.
  • Choose connect approach is Conversions API.
  • Name your Facebook Pixel.
  • Choose Setup Facebook Conversion, choose Install Code Manually.
  • Next, Facebook will require you to fill in the information you want to collect from Facebook Conversion. Choose the following events (PLF is now supporting these event types).
  • Different events need to collect different information types. Tick on the boxes: Event ID, Event Source URL, Client IP, Address – Do Not Hash
  • Then choose Confirm Setup and Finish.

Step 4: After successfully creating Facebook Pixel Conversion, the screen will display the list of created Facebook Pixel. On this screen, choose the Facebook Pixel that you want to get the token, go to Tab Setting, find “Conversion API”. Click on “Generate access token”. 

2. Get this Pixel ID and Access Token to use on PLF

Step 1: Setting Global Facebook Conversion (Compulsory to do first)

  • On the Back-Office page, go to Settings/Tracking
  • 1 Facebook Conversion API can be associated with multiple Facebook Pixel from a Facebook account. You can add multiple Facebook Conversion API. 

Step 2: Add setting for Facebook conversion API for collection

  • Navigition: Collection → Collection Detail (Create Collection)
  • Content: Add Facebook Conversion API field: allow to enter 1 Facebook Conversion API/ 1 Collection (not compulsory)

Step 3: Add Facebook Conversion API for Product

  • Navigition: Product → Product Detail (Create Product)
  • Content: Add Facebook Conversion API field: allow to enter 1 Facebook Conversion API/ 1 Product (not compulsory)

Step 4: Bulk action update Facebook tracking

  • Navigition: Product → Bulk Action
  • Content: Change Bulk Action Add Facebook Pixel ID → Add Facebook tracking

3. View event statistic of Facebook Conversion API

(*) Note: This statistics page doesn’t statistics real-time events. It normally takes up to 20 minutes to display on the statistics page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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