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Unboxing an order is an important moment of the customer journey since it’s the first physical interaction someone has with your products and branding. 

Level up your brand identity and create a unique unboxing experience with our custom brand packaging kit & message card. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell your story and establish long-lasting connections with your customers.

1.  Prepare your Brand Packaging Kit and Thank you card designs


  • Thank you card (Full-color flat card with size 3.15 x 4.72 inches) applied for all products.
  • Brand Kit A5 (Includes Full color 1 Packaging seal, 2 Stickers, 1 Message Card Insert): applied for Ornament products. View Details.
  • Brand Kit A5 Clothes (Includes Full color 1 Packing Sticker, 1 Message Card Insert, 1 Zipper Bag): applied for Apparel & Clothing products. View Details
  • Brand Kit A6 Decor (Includes Full color 1 Packaging Seal, 1 Message Card Insert): applied for Decoration products. View Details

The Branding items can be fulfilled with products manufactured at Merchize Vietnam Factory. Refer to this document to see the list of products for each Branding kit option. 

Print File Requirements

For each branding type, you must follow the Template Guide noted on the product specifically.

Thank you card:

  • Format: png, jpeg.
  • File dimension: 1000×1500 or 1500×1000 pixels.
  • We recommend 300 DPI for the best print outcomes.

Brand Kit A5 & A5 Clothes: 

Brand Kit A5 Clothes Print File Example

Brand Kit A6 Decor: 

2. How to add your own branding to your orders

2.1. Set up for your entire store

To set up Branding designs and apply them across your stores, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Merchize Dashboard. Go to Settings > Fulfillment. (Ensure you have checked “Enable” box in the “Fulfillment By Merchize" section)

Step 2: Under the “Branding" section, select the Branding option(s) you want to add to your store and upload the corresponding design for each option. 

You have the choice to add Thank you card, Brand Kit, or both to your store. With each type, you can select the following:

branding-thank you card - brand kit

(1) Default Design: Designs will be applied to all future orders. You can add only one design for each option (Thank card, Brand Kit A5, Brand Kit A5 Clothes, or Brand Kit A6 Decor) 

  • To choose this option, check the “Default Design" box, then upload your design.
Default design
Default Design for Thank card
default design - brand kit
Default Design for Brand Kit

(2) Custom Design: Designs will be applied only to future orders from selected stores, or stores on selected integrated platforms. You can add multiple Custom Designs. However, for each store, you can only add one design for each Branding option

  • To choose this option, check the “Custom Design" box, then upload your custom design.
  • In the “Apply for" field, select stores from the dropdown, or search the names of the stores you want to apply the custom design to. 
  • To add another Custom design, click on the “+ Custom Design" button and repeat the steps above.
custom design
Custom design for Thank card
custom design - brand kit
Custom design for Brand kit

Step 3: Click “Save" button to save your settings.

saving branding setting


– Only accounts with the Owner role have permission to change this setting.

– If you set up both Default and Custom Design, our fulfillment system will use Default designs for orders where Custom Design doesn’t apply.

– Branding designs are only applied to orders that arrive after you’ve saved the settings.

– After you save your Branding setting, our fulfillment system will automatically add appropriate Branding options by type of product to your packages. 

– If you disconnect a store from our fulfillment system, that store will be automatically removed from all “Apply for" fields. If you reconnect again, you will have to add the store (or add Custom design) again.

2.2. Set up for each order

You can set up a Branding Kit and Thank you card for specific orders in two ways:

Set up Branding Kit/Thank you card on order detail pages

  • Go to the order detail page of the order that you wish to add the thank you or branding kit to. 
  • On the “Branding" section on the right sidebar, you can select the options you want to add (Thank you card and Brand kit). 
  • Add your design to the respective section. Note: Your design should adhere to our Print File Requirements.
  • Once your file is uploaded successfully, click “Save" to save your branding option.


  • The “Branding" section on each order detail page is only editable for orders with “Unfulfilled" status. 
  • Any attempt to edit the Branding section once the order has been pushed into production will be met with this error message: “Order has been pushed to Fulfillment, please check again"

branding in order detail page

Add branding items via imported CSV file

  • Start by downloading an example CSV file: Go to Admin Dashboard > Orders > Select Import External Orders > Download
  • Open the CSV file and fill in the order information along with product items and branding items.

The mockup & design columns should be in the form of a URL image link (PNG or JPEG file). You can use any cloud services (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). Please make sure you have adjusted your settings “Publish” to allow us to gain access to the file.

If you want to add different branding cards or packaging kits to your shipments you need to send separate files for each order.

For more details about the order import via CSV file, read our detailed instructions.

——– We have example designs you can use as inspiration. See our wide range of branding designs here.

Step-by-step video guides:

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