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Unboxing an order is an important moment of the customer journey since it’s the first physical interaction someone has with your products and branding. 

Level up your brand identity and create a unique unboxing experience with our custom brand packaging kit & message card. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell your story and establish long-lasting connections with your customers.



Here’s how to add your own branding to your orders


  1. Set up for your entire store: 

Go to your Merchize Account 

In the Merchize Dashboard. Go to Setting > Fulfillment page

(Make sure you had turned on “Enable” Fulfillment By Merchize)


Scroll down to Branding section

Check the box to add a single Thank you card, a Brand Kit, or both.

Click on the front thumbnail to upload your print file from the computer.


  1. Thank you card (Full color flat card with size 3.15 x 4.72 inches) applied for all products.
  2. Brand Kit A5 (Includes Full color 1 Packaging seal, 2 Stickers, 1 Message Card Insert) : applied for Ornament products. View Details.
  3. Brand Kit A5 Clothes (Includes Full color 1 Packing Sticker, 1 Message Card Insert) : applied for lightweight Apparel & Clothing products. View Details

The Branding items can be fulfilled with products manufactured at Merchize Vietnam Factory.

When setup branding features, our fulfillment system will automatically add appropriate Branding options by type of product to your packages.

Print File Requirements

For each branding type, you must follow the Template Guide  noted on the product specifically.

  1. Thank you card:
  • Format: png, jpeg.
  • File dimension: 1000×1500 or 1500×1000 pixels.
  • We recommend 300dpi for the best print outcomes.
  1. Brand Kit A5 & A5 Clothes: 

Brand Kit A5 Clothes Print File Example

The default branding designs you chose will be used for all your store packages unless you assign a specific file to individual shipments.


  1. Set up for each orders

If you want to add different branding cards or packaging kits to your shipments you need to send separate files for each order.

Follow the detailed guidelines for importing external orders or creating manual orders in Merchize store.

Important Note:

A “pack-in” or ‘packaging kit” is an item you include with your shipments as a product type!

Use the name “Thank you Card”, “ Brand Kit A5” or ‘Brand Kit A5 Clothes” for the “Title” & “Product Type” when you include Branding product/item.

——– We have example designs you can use as inspiration. See our wide range of branding designs here.

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