How To Manage And Create New Discount For Store On Marchize

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The Discount feature allows you to view, edit, create and manage the discount code for your store.

  1. Create discount code

Step 1

Step 2:

  • Please fill in the full data in the form as in the picture below to create a discount code.

  1. Discount code
  • Enter your discount code information. Note that the new discount code cannot be the same as other created codes or you can automatically generate the Discount code by clicking “Auto-generate”
  1. Type
  • You can choose the discount code based on Percentage (%) or Fixed Value (a certain amount of money)’
  • Unit: $. Range: >0. Decimal: 2 digits.
  1. Applies to
  • Entire order: Allow to choose the applicable scope of the discount code is the entire order.
  • Specific order: Allow to choose the applicable scope of the discount code for some selected productions, not apply for variants of products.
  1. Minimum requirements
  • Minimum purchase amount: Allow to choose the limitation of minimum value that can apply the Discount code, according to the location where the discount is applied from “Applies to”
  • Unit: $. Range: >0. Decimal: 2 digits.
  • Minimum purchase items: Allow to choose to limit the minimum number of items that can be applied Discount code based on the location of applying discount code from “Applies to”. Rage >0
  1. Customer eligibility
  • Everyone
  1. Usage limits
  • Use to limit the number of discount codes. Range >0  

(*) Note:

  • The current rule for rounding discounts for each item is round half-up. For example, the discount value is $12.345, so after rounding it will be $12.34.
  • The current discount code is applied for each quantity of product. For example, when Sellers buy 1 product with 4 quantities along with the discount code of 50% off, the total discount for this order will be $50 x 4 =$200.

Step 3:

  • After filling in all the information in the fields, click on the button “Create Discounts” to save the information. And then you have created the discount code successfully for your store.

You can edit Discount codes or even delete them whenever you want in the Discount management system of Merchize

To change the discount code information, you only need to update the Discount code information in step 2 then clicking Save Discount. Along with it, you can click on Delete Discount if you want to delete the discount code.

  1. Check the activation of discount code

Step 1:

To check the activation of your discount code, please go to the Checkout page of the product in the store, and then enter the discount code in the Discount Code field.

Step 2:

After entering the discount code successfully, the Checkout page will display the information as in the picture below and the discount code created and applied successfully for all products.

In case that the discount code applies for each product separately, the information on the Checkout page will be displayed like the picture below.

When the customer apologies the discount code on the Checkout page, the information on the Order will display as the picture below:

This is the step-by-step instruction for creating a discount code as well as checking the activation of the discount code and where to apply the discount code in the order section on the Merchize store.

If you have any questions about this feature, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team for quick support.  

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