How To Import Order to Merchize Manually

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This guide will show you how to upload multiple orders at a time with a CSV file. 

Get Started:

The advantage of importing a CSV file is that it allows you to actively import orders from any platform. You simply need to fill in the CSV file to facilitate the import on the Merchize system.

Below are the steps to prepare your file:

Start by downloading an example CSV file: Go to Admin Dashboard > Orders > Select Import External Orders > Download

Open the csv file, fill the order information (you can add with branding items > see details).

Here is a list of the data you need for the CSV import. You have to enter required information in Required fields, and can leave Optional fields blank.

  • mockUpFront (required)/ mockUpback/… :Link of the preview image.
  • designFront/ designBack…: Link of the printable file. This should be in the form of URL image link (PNG or JPEG file). You can use any cloud services (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc), please make sure you have adjusted your settings to allow us to gain access to the file (Or you can upload later in the order details page).
  • type (required): Example: T-shirt; Mug,…
  • title (required): Example: Women Black T-shirt; …
  • SKU (optional): For your reference only (Example: A unique identifier of the product).
  • size (required): Size of the particular line item.
  • color (required): Color of the particular line item (For product with no color base, example AOP products, you can input “White" value).
  • orderNumber (required): set custom order numbers in Merchize store.


Add multiple items to the order
If the order has multiple items you need to add single items for each row, and fill the same Order Number, Customer and Shipping Address information.
Add multiple orders in one sheet
You can add multiple orders in one sheet with different Order Numbers.
  • tag (optional): categorize orders using custom tags.
  • quantity (required): Quantity of the particular line item.
  • name, address1, city, state, country, postalCode (required): delivery recipient information.
  • address2, phone, email, tax (optional): additional delivery recipient information.

After orders are imported, if all information is correct, they will appear in Order import log page.

If you have an errored order, you will see it appear under the Failed tab.

Go to Orders > Click on the “Order number” to see the order details

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