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This feature assists sellers in confirming whether there is a problem with the “United States" (US) shipping address using the Smartystreets tool, thereby reducing the rate of returns and instances of shipping to incorrect addresses, among other issues.

After importing the order, the system will automatically verify if the address is valid or not. The Address Verification process will typically take up to 5 minutes (As per the default settings). After that, the address will be marked as “US valid", “Others" or “Buyer confirmed" & Artwork “Completed“) from your store to Merchize fulfillment system. 

This feature has been enabled by default. You can disable it by changing the settings.

You use the Address Status filter to filter the address status of the orders:

  1. All – All orders.
  2. Verification – The order address is being verified.
  3. US Valid: The US address is validated and the order is ready for the next steps. (Example push to fulfill system to fulfill automatically)
  4. US Invalid: The confirmed US address is invalid due to one of the following reasons:
    • The address is missing secondary info. (Example number of floors, number of rooms, etc.).
    • The address is inactive.
    • The address is vacant (not receiving deliveries in 90 days according to USPS).
    • The address has invalid street/city/state.

→ To know the exact reason why the address is not valid, click on the order you want to check, the information will be recorded in the ‘Buyer Detail’ box in each order.


→ If your store is enable “Auto Fulfill", your order will be held and not pushed to the fulfill system. You should contact Buyers again to confirm the address, if you are sure the address is correct then press ‘Mark as Valid’ for the fulfillment system to receive your order.

  1. US Valid Buyers Confirmed – Orders with an invalid address but Seller has confirmed with Buyer to be the correct address, and Sellers presses ‘Mark as Valid’ to consider it as a correct address and move on to the next steps, For example push to fulfill system to fulfill further.
  2. Other – Orders that do not have an address in the US are not supported to check the address. The system will automatically fulfill these orders.

→ Note, this is just a tool to support Sellers by using Smartystreets tool, the responsibility of checking the address is still the Seller’s. Merchize is not responsible if the tool has checked the correct address but the order still has problems related to the address.

→ You can easily install this feature in the Fulfilment section at Setting.

The following cases will still be pushed through the Fulfill system normally if Sellers confirms the address is correct and ticks the corresponding boxes:

    • Andress is missing secondary info – Missing address details like floor number, house number, etc.
    • Address is vacant – Address has been bombed.
    • Address is inactive – The address is uninhabited.

You can turn off this feature in the Setting page if you do not want to determine the address in the US.

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