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Support Team

To support and handle your store problems as quickly as possible, Merchize has integrated a live chat system into the stores on Merchize.

Thereby, when you need support on any features, you can contact our support team immediately. At that time, Supporters can see which section you are in and the related information so that they can ready to support you immediately without having to ask for any information (email, store name, domain, etc). In this chatbox, you can find the guidelines right away with some FAQ topics.

In addition, Merchize also has supported on the following channels. You can contact one of them to contact our support team:

To contact with Merchize support team via the official channel on the Merchize system, you can:

  1. If you don’t have the store yet, you can go to and contact support in the chatbox in the lower right corner. If you are in the store creating process, you also need to contact the Merchize support team there so we can activate the store for you.

  1. If you already have a store, you can log in to your store at and start to talk with our support team in the chatbox in the lower right corner.
  2. Or contact via Fanpage Fulfillment by Merchize

Support Time

Merchize strives to answer questions and handle issues as soon and quickly as possible. Response time can range from a few seconds (when chat directly during business hours or in the evening) to as long as 1 business day. In the meantime, please check back the Merchize docs/guidelines here 

Normally, supporters are able to handle certain problems without getting too deeply involved in the system. In addition, some problems need the intervention of the developer team to check more. Thus, after receiving the issues from sellers, our supports will create tickets on the system and when the issues are resolved, support will contact you immediately via chat channel.

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