How To Integrate eBay Store With Merchize to Automatically Fulfill Your eBay Orders

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To serve eBay sellers, Merchize has added the feature of eBay Fulfillment. With this feature, sellers can:

  • Manage the orders, add multiple eBay accounts to Merchize safely 
  • Integrate and fulfill the orders on 1 or more your eBay accounts.
  • After integration and fulfillment, Merchize will update tracking on your eBay order.

To ensure your eBay accounts are not suspended, please read and follow this step-by-step guideline carefully before starting to connect your eBay account with Merchize. We are not responsible if you do not follow instructions. 

How does Merchize connect with eBay?

Basically, Merchize has 1 application on eBay which can help the stores connect with Merchize ease. To be able to install an application to connect Merchize with your eBay account, you only need to copy the app link which is provided by Merchize and paste into your computer browser or VPS that you are using to log in your eBay account. You can do the same with other eBay accounts to connect with your Merchize store.

  • Question: Why not a login button like Google Shopping or WooCommerce but a copy/paste link application?

Answer: If you login multiple eBay accounts with the same IP, same computer or login eBay account from a strange IP (eg: your current computer instead of VPS of this eBay account), your eBay will have the risk of suspending. So, you need to copy the application link, open VPS or the computer which is used to login your eBay account and paste the application link into that computer/VPS browser.

Detailed Instruction to Connect Merchize with eBay

Log in your store on 

From the left Menu, go to Integration → eBay

You will be directed to eBay connection management page which has appearance as picture below, it has 2 main parts:

  • The left side: Information about eBay connection guideline
  • The right side: List information about accounts which are connected to Merchize. You can disconnect if you want

To start connecting, you read carefully the guide information on the left side and tick on the checkbox “I have read and agreed with the documentation” to use this function.

When ticking on the checkbox, you can click on the “Copy eBay App URL” button of Merchize.

Then, open VPS or the computer which is logging in your eBay account (remember this step to avoid violating eBay’s policy of sharing multiple accounts on a computer) and paste that link on the browser. After loading, a confirmation will be displayed to grant access for Merchize’s application. Latterly, if you want to remove this application from your eBay account, you can go to the account setting to remove it. In this step, you just need to click Agree.  

The following picture is an example (I took a screenshot of the VPS window to make sure I’m accessing my account safely):

  • After clicking on the “Agree” button, you will be directed to the login of if you do not log in Merchize on that VPS.
  • If you already log in, you will be directed to the  Account eBay connection Management of Merchize. Here, on the Accounts connected, you will see your newly connected account with the status as active. Now, when you have an order on eBay, you can see immediately in the order section of Merchize, along with the order tag in the form “ebay_your_ebay_account_name”.

For example, when you go to the order section on Merchize, you will see the orders from Merchize have 2 tags in form: “ebay” and “ebay_your account name”. You can use these tags to identify which orders come from which eBay account. 

When you go to view each order, you also can see eBay tags and order_history section will show this order is imported from eBay. Now you only need to upload artwork (front/back) for this order to start Fulfilling.

In about 15 minutes to 2 hours, Merchize will fulfill this order and update the tracking code information into the order on eBay for you, helping to reduce the risk of dispute or return due to the late tracking.

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