How To Manually Import Orders on Merchize?

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On Merchize system, it has 2 types of order:

  • Internal Order (customers order directly on Merchize platform)
  • External Order (customers order on other platforms, Merchize fulfills these orders)

This article will guide you how to manually import orders by CSV file.

Note: To ensure the process of importing CSV files on the system without errors, you need to fill in enough information of URL, mockup and design, not insert photos in CSV files.

PNG file size for T-shirt is 4200*4800

PNG file size for phone case is 1500*2600

Step 1

  • All of the LINK fill in the form has to be IMAGE LINK, absolutely NO use FOLDER LINK. 
  • The system only accepts 2 image formats, PNG & JPEG

Get the mockup file link

  • Access your products in store, for example in the following picture, I take the photo in a Gearlaunch store. Right click and choose “Copy image address”.
  • Paste this link into your CSV file and save. At this time, you have a complete CSV file.


  • Register a Trello account, go to dashboard, choose “Add a card”
  • Fill in the card title, choose “ Add an attachment” to add the images.
  • Right click and choose “Open link in a new tab”, copy image link and paste into your CSV file

Google Drive 

1 – Create the link of design file

  • Log in your Google Drive account, Choose New → Upload File, select your photo.
  • Right click on the uploaded image file, choose “Share”

2 – Delete /view 

Step 2

  • From the main screen of choose Orders → Import External Orders

Step 3

  • Click Import Merchize, upload your CSV file that you want to order. Merchize system will receive and automatically process your order information.

Note when filling in CSV import file for 3D order:

1 – How to add artwork file

  • The 3D orders normally have 3,4 artwork files for front side, back side, sleeve or hood while import file has only 2 fields to enter URL for designFont and designBack
  • In this case, if you need to add more artwork design for this order, you can temporarily ignore, not enter CSV file since the structure of file doesn’t have fields for Sleeve design and Hood design
  • After that, when your order is imported in our system, you go to your order and add Sleeve design and Hood design.
  • Or you can temporarily ignore the design when filling the information on the CSV file and directly adding on system.

2 – How to fill in the color field:

  • Since a 3D shirt has many different colors instead of a fixed color, the Color field in the CSV file is not necessary. Though, the system still requires entering the color to import. Thus, you can fill in the color for 3D products as Black or White.

3 – Notes when designing 3D Merchize template

In addition, the 3D design files must follow the standard 3D template of Merchize for the best printing result. There are 3 types of template for 3D shirts, you can choose based on your interest and needs:

  • Combined template: Use when the waistband of wrist and hips are not too different from the shirt or have the alignment design from the bodice to hem.
  • Separated Template: This template has separate hem waistband wrist and hips for convenience if you want to make the hem with other colors or patterns which is different with shirt (For example, the shirt is blue but the hem is red)
  • Full Template: This template includes 2 pieces: front and back, used if your shirt has “borderless” design, have the alignment between 2 sleeves and bodice. Here, it doesn’t have a hood in your template since the system will automatically take a part of the back part to sew the hood. So, when not wearing this hood, it will see the match between hood and back.

Collection of Template & Mockup file for 3D shirts: Download here

More information about 3D shirt of Merchize: View here

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