How To Synchronise Fast Shipping Of Your Store With Fast Shipping Of Merchize?

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As the guideline in the article How To Set Up Shipping Rate With Merchize and the article How to Set Up Free Shipping From $xx On Merchize, the shipping system of Merchize is quite complete and flexible in helping sellers set up shipping packages according to different rules. Each store can have their own name for shipping packages, and if sellers don’t fulfill via Merchize, they still can set up shipping in a convenient way.

With the standard shipping, you can use the name Standard Shipping, Regular Shipping, 4-7 days, 5-10 days, etc. With the fast shipping, you can use Fast Shipping, Express Shipping or Expedited Shipping, 3-5 days, etc, and set different shipping fees.

Because of the variety in shipping package name, Merchize cannot automatically recognise which is a fast shipping package and all use standard shipping by default. Thus, when customers choose Fast Shipping, you need to notify our fulfillment team about this order to apply the fast shipping package.

With this new option, when there is an order to choose the Fast Shipping package as you set up in the shipping section, the fulfillment team will know and fulfill it with the same shipping package for this order without having to confirm with you. You only need to care about this option if you are fulfilling via Merchize. But if you are not fulfilling via Merchize, you should also pay attention in case you will move to fulfill with 1C later, you can still set up.


  • In the setup section the shipping package for each country, besides Shipping title and the rules about Weight, Price,… there is one more box Fulfillment by Merchize

  • Here, the default is Standard Shipping for all packages. Thus, the orders that choose this shipping package and ship via Merchize will be able to choose the standard shipping package.

  • In addition to Standard Shipping, you can choose Fast Shipping (US Only), currently only for orders in the US. When you select this item, if the order has chosen this shipping package and fulfill and ship via Merchize, the fulfillment team will automatically choose the fast shipping package and apply the fee of fast shipping package for this order. Depending on each type of product and the weight of the order, if the order cannot be shipped fast, the fulfillment team of Merchize will message you. The detailed information about shipping packages for each product, you can see at the catalogue page of Merchize, or contact our support team for further assistance.    

Best Practices For Shipping Setting When Fulfill Via Merchize

If you are fulfilling via Merchize, you can refer to this example to set up shipping for your store. With US Zone, you create:

    • 1 package is Standard Shipping for the orders that use standard shipping packages. You can add more information to let customers know, for example 4-7 days shipping after the products are processed.
    • In addition, you add 1 package as Fast Shipping and add more information, for example 3-5 business days. For this package, when customers order, you want that order to be fulfilled by Merchize according to the fast shipping package.

So, with the Fast Shipping package, you will set up shipping fees according to Price Table, or Per Item/ Additional Item as the example on the previous guidelines. In addition, in the Fulfillment by Merchize section, you select Fast Shipping to define this package corresponding with the Fast Shipping package of Merchize. When customers choose this package, fulfillment team will automatically use the fast shipping for this order, and charge the fee according to the notice of the fast shipping package, the shipping package information for each product can be seen at catalogue page of Merchize.

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