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To facilitate the transition from other tee platforms/ stores to Merchize, you can use Merchize’s Importer feature to quickly upload shirts to the store.

Currently, you can import POD or Dropship products from these platforms:

    • TeeChip
    • Shopbase
    • MerchKing
    • GearLaunch
    • Moteefe
    • Viralstyle
    • TeePublic
    • Teespring
    • Redbubble
    • Spreadshirt
    • Teezily
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Etsy
    • AliExpress

When you click on the Importer section, you can see the interface of the Import product section as follows:

There is an Import Product button above to import new products.

The table below will list the products that have been and are being imported into the system, along with related information:

  • Source: Source to import the product.
  • Destination: For products that have been imported, the status is “Completed” – Complete, you can click here to see the product after it has been imported to your site.
  • Collections and Tags: Collections and tags of products.
  • Status: The status of the import process. Because each import will need to pull images from other sites, there are products with hundreds of variations, so the import time will depend on the complexity of the product. From there, during the import process, there will be some of the following states:
    • Pending: Scheduled, queued for import.
    • Retrying: If there is an error during the import process, the system will automatically retry the import up to 2 times, within 1 hour. When trying to import again, the status will be Retrying.
    • Processing: The system is processing the import.
    • Completed: Imported successfully. Products is ready for sale.
    • Deleted: The product has been removed from the store.
    • Error: An error occurred while importing.
    • Can’t import: Unable to import.
  • Updated at: Import time.
  • Actions: For shirts that failed to import, you can choose “Retry” to try again. As for the products that have been successfully imported, you can select ‘Delete’ to delete the product. Once deleted, the product will no longer appear on the store.

Import Products

When you click on the Import Product button, you will be directed to the import product page as follows:

To quickly import products from other platforms, simply enter the product’s URL in the “Enter url" field and click Import.

Before clicking Import, if you want to change the Title of that product, you can enter the title in the Enter title field and if you want to add a collection for that product, you can select the Search collections item to search for available collections or create New collection.

You can also add tags to the product if you want.

In the image below, we have added the Party T-Shirts collection to the product and can add other collections.

Collection is a feature under development so you can easily display similar products to your customers.

After importing, the system will automatically run in the background to process the import.

Bulk Import Products – Bulk Import Products

Merchize has supported the feature of batch importing products using CSV files.

With this feature, you can let Merchize automatically bulk import products from your other stores without  manually copy/paste links.

A sample CSV file would look like this, where the first line “url,title,collections,tags" is for the system to recognize the values ​​below. From the following lines, you just need to fill in the relevant information in the correct order url, title, collections, tags. In particular, if Collections and tags have more than one, they must be enclosed in quotes and separated by commas:

If you view in Excel, it will look like this:

After preparing the CSV file, you just need to select this file in the Bulk Import section of Merchize and the system will automatically import the items you have listed in the file.

How To Create a CSV File To Merchize Import?

You can create with any text editor, or with Excel.

With Excel, you just need to create a new sheet. In the first row, you fill in the values: “url”,”title”,”collections”,”tags” and then for those cells, you fill in your information of items you want to import.

Finally, when finished editing, you choose Save As… and then choose the format as CSV.

How To Get Links Of All Products On Your Shopify Store To Import Into Merchize.

To be able to quickly import your Shopify store into Merchize, you need a CSV file containing the links to all your Shopify products.

To do so, please refer to this guide: Import products in bulk from Shopify to your Merchize Store.

Guide To Speed ​​Up Import From WooCommerce

During the import process from the WooCommerce site, if the import speed is suddenly slow or the Cannot Import or Retrying error occurs simultaneously, it may be because your site has not opened the Variation limit for each product, so Merchize cannot be imported from your site.

Because with products with too many variations, WooCommerce will process data differently, making it impossible for Merchize to crawl. In that case, you can install this Plugin in your WooCommerce site to open the Variation limit.

In addition, to secure the WordPress site, many people often let the domain connect via CloudFlare, or install additional security/security plugins, Firewall. Therefore, when Merchize connects continuously to your site, it will be easily blocked/banned. To avoid that situation, please disable all plugins that can affect the import process such as:

    • Plugins about security, firewall.
    • Use a lightweight theme (site size also affects import speed).
    • Disable domain connection via CloudFlare because CloudFlare also has an anti-bot Firewall.
    • Turn off the Server’s Firewall.

If you have any problems with the import process, please contact Merchize Support for assistance.

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