Refund Policy When Closing A Merchize Store

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1. What Amounts Will Not Be Refunded?

a. Store subscription fee of the month

For example, your store starts charging $29 from the 5th of every month. By the 25th of this month, if you request to close the store, the $29 will not be refunded in cash. However, 10 days of not using the $29 plan can be transferred to your second store using the $29 plan.

b. Account must pay off all debts to be refunded and close the store

For example, your account balance is $70. The total pending charges are $100. In this case, you need to deposit another $30 to execute the order to close the store.

2. How To Get Your Refund?

Merchize only refunds via Payoneer, so the refund only applies for amounts over $50.

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