How To Manually Import Orders on Merchize?

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Step 1: Go to your store on and then click on the Order taskbar.

Step 2: Click on Import External Orders

Step 3: Click on Import Merchize and upload your CSV order file. At this time, the order information will be received and automatically processed by the Merchize system.

You can download the sample file here, fill in the information of the order and save it. (This sample file applies to all fulfilled products through Merchize)

Some notes about CSV files are as follows:

  • All links to fill in the file MUST be IMAGE LINK, absolutely DO NOT take FOLDER LINK.
  • The system only accepts 2 image formats, PNG & JPEG.
  • You have to enter required information in Required fields, and can leave Optional fields blank. 

There are some ways to get a mockup link:

Method 1: Get it directly on the seller’s sales site.

You right-click on the image you need to get and click “copy link address". Then paste this link into the CSV file.

manual import step copy link address

Method 2: Upload to Trello. You log in to Trello, then click ‘Add a card’. In this window, you fill in the title and select the ‘Add an attachment’ tab to add photos.

manual import step upload

You right-click on the image, select ‘Open link in a new tab’, copy the image link and paste it into your CSV file.

Method 3: Upload mockup to Google Drive.

You access your Google Drive account and upload the photos you need to post.

manual import step file upload

Then, right-click on the uploaded image file and select ‘share’.

manual import step share file

Finally, copy that link and paste it into your CSV file.


Some ways to get design link:

You upload the design to Trello or Google Drive (do the same thing as get the mockup link).

Step 4: You can check the status of importing orders in the csv file by: Go to Orders, select More actions, and click on Order import log.

On the Order Import Log tab, you see the Importer status on the right and click on the Failer item. At this time, the window will show the products that are having errors when importing CSV and the system will report specifically the error is made. From there, please check and correct the faulty parts and re-import.

Note: for orders that have successfully imported csv into the system, subsequent orders with the same order number will not be accepted by the system.

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