How To Use The Functions In The Order Section

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1. At the homepage of your store at, access on Order, you can be directed to the default screen as following:

Here, sellers can:

  • Import external orders (import orders from other marketplaces to fulfil with Merchzie)
  • Import order tracking (import shipment tracking of order)
  • Export orders (sellers will receive a CSV file to update the information of customers’ orders)
  • Order Import log (sellers can check import status of the order in csv file)

2.The order will be displayed as default target as: 

  • Payment : shows the status of the order has been paid by the buyer.

  • To Fulfillment: order status (validating – Validating, planning – Scheduled, pushed to the factory system to prepare for production – Pushed, Paused – Paused)

  • Fulfillment: On hold – Balance (Not enough money to pay fulfillment fees), Unfulfilled (Order has not been produced), Fulfilled (Order is / has been produced).

  • Artwork: (Incomplete/ Completed) the design status in the order showing which orders are missing designs and which already have designs.

  • Tracking: Tracking code status, every role in a store can easily view and check order status on the Order list screen.

  • Address: shipping address status. Valid (valid address), Invalid (invalid address – wrong address / missing information / no consignee).

  • Number: order number.

  • Customer: buyer’s name, email and address.

  • Tags: Show the source of orders imported into the store (automatically sync from other platforms or import with csv)

  • Personalize: shows a single personalized state.

  • Revenue: order value.

3. Sellers can also find orders based on

  • Number (Mã order).

  • Tags.

  • External Number 

  • Customer Email.

  • Customer Name.

  • Product Title.

  • Product Collections.

  • Product Tags.

  4. In the Order search based on Product Titles, Merchize has added the option Includes “[input text]" to the list of suggestions, the display position is the first option, when selecting this option, the result will be all orders with product title contains the text [input text].

For example: Enter “Mask", the first option will be Includes “Mask", select this option, the system will take all orders whose product title contains the word “Mask". The search results will be non-case sensitivity.

This filter is compatible with the Export Orders feature.

Then, to edit order information, click on the Number section of the order and be redirected to a new screen.

5. Order Progress

After clicking on each specific Order, Order Progress will appear:

– In Production: Order is started production.

– Shipment started: Orders are produced and sent out.

– In transit: The order has arrived at the intermediate transit station.

– Last node: The final status of the order (Delivered, Cancel, Error, Return to sender or others depending on the final status of the order).

In the Supplier section, the system displays the location of the product manufacturer in which country.

6. Instructions for uploading designs with applications automatically synced from other platforms to:

  • You click on order detail.
  • Then click on upload front.
  • “Apply for order”: Upload design for that order only.
  • “Here” => Artworks => Upload front: Upload design for the product. With the following orders of this same product, the system will automatically take back the previous design to fulfill.

Note: For personalized orders: Select “Apply for order”

Instructions for uploading designs with orders imported with csv files:

You Click on order detail.

Then click on upload front => “Apply for order”

You can edit the consignee information in the Buyer Details section.

The tags section will by default include 2 available tags, the name of the platform that the customer ordered and the web link that the customer ordered. You can add other tags as you wish.

Order notes section: fill in the notes for fulfill.
7. Cancel unfulfilled order

You can actively pause or cancel the order on order detail status (only applicable for unfulfill orders).

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