How To Fill In Tracking Code For Your Orders – All About Tracking Code On Merchize

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Quickly updating tracking code is one of the fastest and simplest ways to avoid disputes. At this time, your customers will know about their shipping information for their orders early and feel more secure, without any questions or complaints. On Merchize, there is a mode to add tracking code for orders and after adding tracking, the system will immediately send a notification email for customers to inform them that the order is being shipped with the tracking code information. You can add tracking manually, or in bulk via CSV file for sellers who have multiple orders that need to fulfill/ add tracking, or add automatically when sellers fulfill via Merchize. This article will explain in detail about the process of adding tracking on Merchize.

1. Where to add tracking?

To add tracking manually, once you have packed and shipped the orders and have the bill of lading code/ tracking code, you can go to “Order” of your store management page at Seller.Merchize.Com.

After that, choose Mark as fulfilled to mark as fulfilled and order is on the way.

Next you will be directed to the “Fulfill” section for this order. There is an item below:

1.1 – Tracking information

To fill in the tracking information of order, including:

    • Tracking numberthe: tracking code
    • Shipping carrier: the shipping company ships this order. The system has integrated DHL, SF Express, UPS and USPS. With these companies, you only need to choose your wanted company and fill in the tracking code. If you distribute on another channel, you can choose another and fill in the tracking URL.


    • Tracking URL: If you use other shipping companies, enter the tracking URL of this order  here.

1.2 – Notify customer shipment

If you want to email the tracking code information of this order for the customer, tick on Send shipment details to your customer now.

After that, click on the button Fulfill items to save the change.


1. You don’t see the button “Mark as fulfilled”?

If your store has enabled Fulfilled by Merchize mode, the order fulfillment will be done by Merchize. You do not need to care about adding tracking anymore, so the button will not appear. Button “Mark as fulfilled” only appears with the orders that you want to fulfill by yourself. If there is an order that you want to fulfill by yourself, you can notify our Fulfillment team so that we will not fulfill this order and enable add tracking feature for this order.

2.  You already filled in the tracking but didn’t receive the email? When does the system send tracking code mail and when does it not?

There are 2 possibilities:

    1. You forget to choose Send shipment details to your customer now.
    2. Your order is an external order that is imported from another system. In principle, on which system the customer pays, that system is responsible for contacting and updating information for the customer. Thus, if the orders are placed on your storefront on Merchize, we will manage. These orders will definitely receive order confirmation email and tracking email. And orders that you import from external, from CSV file, eBay, WooCommerce or API, will not be emailed.

3. How to distinguish which orders have tracking code, which orders don’t have?

On the Order page of Merchize, it has the Tracking Availability feature.

    • All: represent all orders
    • Completed: if it has tracking code, it will appear ✓
    • Incomplete: in your orders, some have tracking code, some don’t have.
    • Missing: if it hasn’t tracking code, it will appear X.

2. How to add tracking in bulk?  

To add tracking in bulk, you need to use combo 2 buttons Export Orders and Import Order Tracking in the orders page.  

2.1 – Export Order

With this feature, you can export a CSV file with your order information.

Then, you only need to open a CSV file and find Tracking Number, Tracking URL, Tracking Company columns and fill in the information corresponding to the orders. After that, you save the file as CSV.

2.2 – Import Order Tracking

After you have added all the tracking information of the orders and saved them as CSV, you choose Import Order and find the CSV order file to import.

Then, the system will automatically add tracking information and send email.

3. How will the Order Confirmation Mail and Tracking Mail of Merchize be?

Below is the sample of Merchize’s Order Confirmation Mail. Customers can view order information, shipping information, shipping method and your store name, sent from email in the form [email protected] → Increase the trust of customers.

This is the sample of Merchize’s Tracking Mail. Customers can click on the button Track my Shipment to check shipping information of the order.

4. Tracking Code of Merchize when Fulfill via Merchize

For the orders that have been fulfilled via Merchize and have a tracking code, there will be a green item that tag Fulfillment By Merchize when entering the order.

The tracking information is also specified below. You can click on the tracking code to see the tracking information in detail.

Most products that are fulfilled by Merchize will have the tracking of DHL. When you go to see the tracking link, you or your customers can see the important information such as product weight, sending address, receiving address, location information of the package according to each timeline, etc. So that customers can feel more secure.

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