Upload multiple artworks to “different pieces of pack”

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This article explains how to add multiple print files to a pack containing different designs.

Example: The ornament pack with 6 different pieces.

Previous workflow: 

For one product/item in order: you can only upload 1 print file set. 

In order to fulfill the pack containing different designs, you have to create a new order with separate items along with the item’s print files.

Current workflow:

For one product/item in order: you can upload different print file sets, typically with the pack containing different designs.

– Add up to 10 print file sets.

– Assign quantity for each print file set: total items quantity is limited to 50.

It means one pack can contain 50 items maximum.

To upload print files for pack, follow these steps for seamless fulfillment workflow:

  • Go to Order detail page.
  • Click on Upload button.

  • The popup panel appears, add the print files for the item.

Add another different print file sets by clicking on “Add 1 more set of artworks”.

When finish uploading, confirm “Apply for order“.

You will also have the option to update existing artworks when the order has not been “In production" yet.

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